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This list provides links to a variety of websites that are of interest or relevance to trade unionists interested in knowing more about pensions.

They are grouped under the following headings.

Please let Union Pension Services know if you are aware of any other sites you think should be listed. The usual disclaimers apply and Union Pension Services has no responsibility for the content on any of these sites.

Government sites: back to top

DWP - The Pensions Green Paper (December 2002) Simplicity, security and choice: working and saving for retirement - The pensions Green Paper issued in December 2002. Download copies of all the consultation documents

DWP - Pensioners' Guide The whole range of help and advice for pensioners available through central and local government.

DWP - The Pension Service: Information on pensions whether you are planning for retirement or already retired

DWP - The Pension Service - briefing on MIG: Detailed information about the Government's Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG)

DWP - The Pension Service - State pension age calculator: Calculates state pension age for women born after 5th April 2010

DWP - The Pension Service - State Pension Forecast: The site to apply for a forecast of your State pension

DWP - The Pension Guide: The Government's 'impartial' pensions information site on the different pension options

Inland Revenue Savings, Pensions, Share Schemes (IR SPSS): The Inland Revenue's pensions area

Inland Revenue SPSS Updates: Newsletters issued by IR SPSS on an ad hoc basis

Regulatory and similar bodies:   back to top

Financial Services Authority: The single statutory regulator responsible for regulating deposit-taking, insurance and investment business, including pensions mis-selling.

FSA Stakeholder decision trees: The FSA has produced a consumer factsheet containing 'decision trees' to help consumers decide if a stakeholder pension would be a good choice for them.

Occupational Pensions Advisory Service: A non-profit organisation which seeks to help any member of the public who has a problem, complaint or dispute with their occupational or private pension arrangement.

Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority: Supervises a range of legal requirements to protect people’s occupational pensions, including stakeholder pensions.

Pension Scheme The Pension Schemes Registry, which is part of OPRA, can help you find pension schemes you have belonged to in the past.

Pensions Ombudsman: The Pensions Ombudsman investigates and decides complaints and disputes about the way that pension schemes are run.

Trade unions  : back to top

Amicus - MSF:   Information from Amicus-MSF about their campaign on pensions

GMB:  Lots of information about pensions

Trades Union Congress:   Detailed briefings and reports on TUC pensions policy

TUC "Pay up for Pensions" campaign:   People are living longer, while the stock market falls. Find out here what's happening, and how the TUC is campaigning to Pay Up For Pensions.

Unison:   What Unison is doing on pensions, especially on the Local Government Pension Scheme

Action groups and other membership organisations:   back to top

Age Concern:   Age Concern is the largest charitable movement in the UK concerned with the needs of older people

ASW Pension Action Group:   From ex-employees of steel company ASW about how workers can lose out when their final pay scheme is wound-up

Confederation of Occupational Pensioners Associations:   A confederation of occupational pensioners' associations in the UK.

Glory Mill Pension Action Committee:   More information from workers who have lost their pensions when their employer became insolvent.

Independent Pensions Research Group (IPRG):   An informal network of pensions specialists and lay activists which meets several times a year to discuss issues of common concern, exchange views and information, and develop ideas. The membership includes actuaries, lawyers, journalists and other professionals, as well as researchers, trade union officers and member trustees. - linked with the NPRG

Labour Research Department (LRD):   The independent research organisation publishing news and information for trade unionists, including much useful material on pensions

National Pensioners Convention:  The NPC is widely recognised, as the umbrella body for pensioners' groups throughout the UK.

Northern Pensions Conference:   The annual Northern Pensions Conference is the only one intended specifically for trade unionists and pension scheme members.

Northern Pensions Resource Group (NPRG):   A group of trade unionists, union representatives and other individuals interested in pensions - state, occupational, personal, or stakeholder - linked with the IPRG

Seniors Network:   An independent information resource for older people and their organisations with lots of useful links.

Trade Union retired member sections:  Links to national pensioners groups, including retired members' sections, that are allied to Trade Unions

Industry and professional organisations:   back to top

Accounting Standards Board - FRS17:   A useful summary of FRS 17 which sets out the accounting treatment for retirement benefits

Association of Pension Lawyers (APL):  The APL is an association established and run by lawyers specialising in pensions in the UK

Faculty & Institute of Actuaries:  The pensions' homepage for UK actuaries.

Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) - information on FRS17:   Lots of information on FRS 17 - you have to look down the page

National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF):   The principal body representing the interests of the occupational pension's industry.

Pensions Management Institute:   The Institute for pensions professionals. Also of interest to trustees of pension schemes.

Pensions Research Accountants Group   PRAG is an independent research and discussion group for the development and exchange of ideas in the pensions field.

Society of Pension Consultants: The representative body for the providers of advice and services needed to establish and operate occupational and personal pension schemes.

Other sites of pensions interest:   back to top

BBC briefing on pensions:   A BBC compiled factsheet to help you to choose, understand and complain about your pension.

Civil Service Pensions:   The Civil Service Pensions website

IRS Pay & Pensions   Information about IRS publications on pensions

Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF):   Promotes the investment interests of local authority pension funds and maximises their influence as shareholders to promote corporate social responsibility.

Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (PIRC):  The leading consultancy for pension funds in the field of corporate governance and socially responsible investment

Pensions World:  Lots of useful information from the monthly pensions magazine

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